Suraj’s awesome performance

Suraj Venjaramood has stolen millions and billions of hearts, with this single scene where he is filling emotions into behaving, infact acting which is true actor coming out from the national award winner – Suraj Venjaramood. Suraj has always showed his unique skills with comedy, serious and sentimental characters whenever he cherished movies with his awesome presence throughout for over 90% of the total movies he has covered till date. We believe, this is the main reason why Suraj was selected as the India’s best film actor last year,

where we strongly believe further that Suraj will raise and rise as a dominant actor in the entire south Indian film industry and as he bagged the national award, he thoroughly deserves to be in the Indian Film Industry where such talents have to come out to a massive audience. He has came with more power in recent times through Malayalam Films and this scene from the blockbuster movie Action Hero Biju is definitely one of the best of his entire film career where with just minutes time is making real movie lovers.

gigantic ship – fear on sea

This is the Quantum of the seas, A floating place. Royal Caribbean International is the owner of the ship. The ship has been registered at Nassau, Bahamas. Meyer Werft has built the ship in such a stunning way. The total cost for building such a giant is US$935 million. The ship was completed in October 2014 and its first journey took place in November of the same year.

The gigantic ship has a tonnage of 168,66 giga tonnes. it has a length of 347.08 m.The draught length is 8.8 m. There are 18 decks in the ship. The ship has the combination of diesel and electric engines. It can achieve speeds upto 22 knots. The ship have a capacity of nearly 5000 passengers. This is the only ship in the world which has so much technology installed in it. On a tonnage basis it is world’s second largest. The ship nearly took three years to complete the work.The ship is in service and is landed on the coasts of Muscat. The next destination of the ship is our own Kochi.

Never Reheat these foods

People like to eat hoot food. often people claims that it tastes better when it is served hot. It is a fact and many like to follow hot food and are a fan of it. Sometimes these craze can land you in trouble. If you are thinking why, let me explain it.  There are certain foods around us which when heated a second time becomes poisonous and injurious to health. I know it is a new information to you. You must be eager to know the lists of food which causes these trouble. I am gonna dicuss it below and be careful when you handle these foof items next time. Make sure that you arfe not reheating it for a better taste sense. If you don’t follow these things it may lead you to trouble.
The first item in the list is spinach. On reaheating spinach it produces carcinogenic substances. These are those substances which induce cancer in human body. Never ever keep spinach for tommorrow use, expecting it to reheat. This can land you to serious troubles. Celery and beets also have same properties similar to spinach. They also poduces carcinogenic substances on reheating. The next one in the list is mushrooms. One must consume mushrooms as soon as they have cooked. Nutrients in the mushroom tend to deteriorate in a direct proportion with time. So don’t even think to reheat this thing.
Eggs are one of the commonly consumed food items among people. We all know that eggs are full of proteins and they are considered as a nutrient supplier. But reheating a cooked egg can cause serious problems in your body, especially for digestive system. So avoid reheating egg. Rice and potatoes have the same problem. Never ever try to think reheating them. Once cooled they are attacked by some serious bacteria and these bacteria can survive extremely hot conditions. So reheating will not be a best method to avoid this.

How to land a cow ?

We all know the characters Dasan and vijan from the old film. In a particular portion of the film the two characters portrayed by Moahanlal and Sreenivasan decides to buy a cow by taking a loan. We all know what happened to the guys and how they struggled with the cow. There is a similar incident happened. But this it happened in real life. The incident took place in a remote village of pakistan. The victim’s name is Ijas who was fond of cattle breeding. So he decided to buy two cows. Like the other pet animals the cow lover decided to make a stay for his cows inside his house.
In 2012 he bought a cow and ox. Due to the lack of space in his compound he arranged their stay at the top his four storey building. Four passed quickly without any trouble. He suddenly felt boring and thought the ways to get rid of the animals. The poor man tried to bring down the cows through the stair case. the trick didn’t succeeded as the animals  stucked in the staircase. As they have grown bigger, Ijas had to find another way. He tried many things and didn’t managed to bring the animals down. Atlast he dialed the emergency number. Emergency service came with all services. They used a gigantic crane to lift the cow and ox. with the help of the crane they landed safely on the ground.


Jayalalitha who is commonly called by the nickname amma is the present cheif minister of Tamil nadu. Recently her health conditions became little bit up and down. She was admitted to chennai apollo hospital with serious health problems. At a particular time news were spread that Amma has passed away. But her party members thrashed the news and said that she is recovering. They presented the medical bulletin of Amma for evidence. This is the fifth time she assumed the position of cheif minister.
Before entering politics she was a famous film actress. She acted over 140 films in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. She was one of the best dancer in her era. The actress is often refereed to as uncrowned queen of Tamil cinema. She is also known by names like Puratchi thalavi and Thanga Tharagai. She is only the second female chief minister of Tamil Nadu. The talented actress started her career as a child artist in the film Sri shaila mahathme. The film released in 1961 got wide response.